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Earn More With James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro. We Convert 1 in Every 20 Visitors and Have The Niches Lowest Refund Rate!

We Provide You With Tools That Are Design To
Do One Thing and One Thing Only, That Is To Make SALES!


It’s time to start your new cash cow. At 3 Red Light Fix Pro we believe in working smarter not harder. As super affiliates our selves we know how hard it is to make a sale online. That’s why we have decided to put all of our years of experience to work and make it available to you with powerful tools that are designed to do one thing…


At 3 Red Light Fix Pro we go beyond the essentials of affiliate marketing. We made sure you have every tool at your disposal to profit from this lucrative niche! Here are our hard hitting tools we provide you with…

Pre-Written & Designed Landing Pages. Plus 3 Red Light Fix Pro Affiliate Cash Machine.
That’s right! No more having to figure out what angle you should take, no more persona research and no more having to figure out what to write. You now have access to 4 landing pages each uniquely designed, pre-coded with your affiliate and hard hitting copy that sells!

Plus you also get our short and to the point 3 Red Light Fix Pro Affiliate Cash Machine guide that show you how to turn your landing page into cash!

PPC Campaigns
We provide you with ads and keywords that you can immediately plug into your PPC engine of choice and start benefiting from the high CTR and lower Pay per clicks!
Articles & Blogs
If free traffic is your cup of tea then let us jump start your efforts with our pre-written Articles and Blogs that you can immediately start using today!

We provide you with tips to increase your chances of being found by search engines so you can start seeing traffic almost immediately.

Do you have a list of people that have the ring of death? Or maybe you want to start making a list. Whichever route you choose to take, we provide you with e-mailers that help you make money with your current list and e-mailers that help you build a list.

We even provide you with tips on how you can plug in other products so you can consistently be making money on your subscribers for months to come.

Text Ads
Do you use forums, blogs and news groups to market your products? We provide you with text links that you can copy and paste into any of these marketing mediums today.

All of our text ads have been split tested for months to produce the highest click through and conversions. Now all you have to do is post them in relevant websites.

3 Red Light Fix Pro provides you with Leaderboard banners, half banners, micro banners, Skyscraper banners and product box images. You get over 30 killer designs that are design to grab attention and bring home the bread!

Is YouTube marketing your thing? You get over 5 videos that you can upload to YouTube right now and start driving free traffic that is highly targeted and converts.

We even provide you with tips to increase the exposure of your video so you get more views.

PPC Conversion Tracking
No need to email us your conversion code, wait days or even weeks to get your code slapped on our thank you page.

As soon as you login YOU have access to our FREE conversion tracking module where you can paste your conversion code and begin tracking your PPC sales from Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines.

Campaign In A Box
Get plugged into 3 Red Light Fix Pro niche the laziest way ever! We provide you with a full blown campaign that you can literally plug-in in less than 5 minutes. You get your own landing pages, keywords, ads all setup up for.

All you do is copy and paste some data from our Landing Page area into Adwords Editor (We show you how to get this great piece of software free) and you’re running your very own turnkey 3 Red Light Fix Pro business in less than 5 minutes.

"Get Plugged In With An Affiliate Team YOU Can Count On!"

You know how hard it can be to get in touch with a sites affiliate manager. It almost seems impossible. At 3 Red Light Fix Pro we strive to work with each affiliate on a personal level so we can help you maximize your campaign efforts…

"Get Started With The #1 3 Red Light Fix Pro Repair Guide!"

The numbers speak for themselves. 3 Red Light Fix Pro Pro makes more money than competing products, has fewer refunds and we don’t compete with you! Need proof? Checkout the screen shot below…

Let us help you turn 3 Red Light Fix Pro into your new cash cow! Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned pro, we welcome you to try our program. Register below to get access to your Affiliate Center!

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